Dear German Longhair Club Members:

Thank you to everyone who has already paid their 2021 dues — and that without a reminder. But with this reminder we encourage all who haven’t paid yet to send ‘em in, please. As mentioned in the last newsletter, the club had a major, and actually kind of historic, expenditure in January importing semen from a prize dog in Denmark. “Cosmo” is not only a fine hunter, but he is also the most decorated German longhair in the show ring in all of Europe. (Picture below.) We’re really fortunate to make this connection through our Danish contacts and excited to have these genes come our way. Keep your fingers crossed the artificial breedings are successful.

We hope to have two club litters in 2021 — Wyoming in May and Montana probably in September. If you are looking for a puppy, or know someone who is, please let us know. We’ve got a fair amount of puppy demand and could possibly recruit another litter if needed.

Attached is the 2021 membership form. New members certainly need to fill it out so we can get you on file — but not really so for current members. After 34 years in federal and state gov’t, call this the paperwork/bureaucracy reduction executive order. If you’ve submitted a membership form in years past, feel free to just send in the $30 dues (extra is never turned down) and if any changes from last year have arisen, a little note will suffice, and I’ll update your form. But if you like to fill out a membership form annually, that’s fine with me, too.

Hope 2021 treating everyone and their longhairs well. Take care and best wishes.